Connect with your community online with this proven bridge event.

Shadow Empire is a four-part, seed-sowing experience from the Voice of Prophecy that comes with all of the resources you need to put together a powerful and effective online event. More about hosting this event online »

In the wake of the Corona pandemic people are asking tough questions about faith, the role of government, and how to deal with fear and anxiety in the midst of crisis. Shadow Empire Covers it all and sets the stage for a full message series in your church this fall.

Take your interests back to the time of the Roman Empire. Where one man, Constantine, ignited a global movement when by uniting Christianity with Roman power. Discover how this one action altered the way we think about religious freedom—and how it affects our world today. More about this online event »

"For Shadow Empire, you are going to get the best, high-quality resources while connecting people directly to your local church! Your community needs to meet you. It's your ministry that should be featured."Shawn Boonstra, Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director

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This kit provides everything you need to start a small group using the award-winning Shadow Empire series, including:

  • The Event DVD
  • The Small Group Event Manual
  • (8) Full sets of Bible Study Guides
  • (1) Copy of the companion book, Shadow Emperor, by Shawn Boonstra
  • (1) Copy of The Successful Small Groups book by Kurt Johnson
  • Plus, with your registration, you'll receive special access to online materials to enhance your online meetings.
  • Available to show online in private channels.
  • 4 meetings designed to build a bridge between you and your community
  • Each meeting has a 30-minute video and comes with a guided discussion, held by your local moderator, complete with presentation slides.
  • Perfect for encouraging ongoing Bible studies, online groups, or correspondence programs.
  • A partnership between VOP and your local church
  • A complete, easy event you can use online to reach out to your community